Code of Ethics

This code of ethics is to establish a standard of conduct followed by all members of the Border Terrier Club of Ontario.

  • The member(s) will do the utmost to consider the best interests of the breed and the Club.
  • All dogs will be provided with humane living conditions and health care.
  • All breeding stock shall be maintained in good health and it is recommended that stock be checked for hereditary diseases.
  • To breed with the purpose of improving the breed should be foremost.
  • Give full disclosure of any information on the history and genetics when requested.
  • No member of the Club will wholesale or sell Border Terriers to pet shops, pet dealers or other commercial enterprises.
  • All Borders sold shall be in good health and free from communicable diseases and immunized. No puppy should be sold before the age of 7 weeks.
  • It is strongly recommended that all puppies sold as pets be sold on a non breeding agreement.

Violations will be brought to the Board's attention and dealt with as stated in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Club.