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The Border Terrier was originally bred to run with the foxhounds and flush the foxes out of their dens. Anyone who is familiar with the breed knows that they are a true terrier and chase just about anything that moves, be it a cat, squirrel, chipmunk, mouse and even the dreaded skunk. Go-to-ground events are a way to test the working ability of the dog.




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Once again we held our BTCO Earthdog event in conjunction with the Cairn Terrier club at the Madingley Farm on May 10th and 11th. Photos and comments to come.

Event Recap from our President, Bev Kolb

June 17 provided a clear and warm summer day for the Border Terrier Club of Ontario's Earthdog trial at the lovely home of Jane and Barry Lee - Madingley Farm!

The BTCO Earthdog committe of Ed and Jen Holder, Anna Fraser, Barry and Jane Lee, Pam Dyer and Kirsten Goodman did an outstanding job - providing a professionally run and yet relaxed and welcoming trial for entrants from across Canada and the US.

The Cairn club held their trial on Sat. and as the saying goes - "many hands make light work" as the Border and Cairn club members pitched in to work both trials. Susan Rome provided a VERY WARM reception at the food tent, while husband Brian Rome circulated as the trial photographer. Dick Mair, Dave Platt, Al Matheson and Kirsten's teenage son were the hard working diggers, parkers, haulers and take down crew.

Judges Jean Callens, Algonac, MI., and Russ Wischover, Sydney, IL., were very complimentary of the working skills of the dogs entered and made every effort to have any dogs that struggled end their run with a postive experience. The casual discussions, while relaxing under the trees, on scenting the tunnels and working the dogs were helpful and informative.

14 qualifying runs were completed on Sunday, with 4 in the very difficult senior earth. Club member Ken Nixon and Maxx completed his Sr. title with high praise from judge Jean Callens! Our VP Julie Calleja and Moxie achieved a JR leg with the fastest time to the rats!

I'd like to thank everyone who came out to support our trial and a huge thank you to all the hard workers! (My apologies to anyone missed here!)

The Border Terrier Club of Ontario held a CKC sanctioned Earthdog Trial in conjunction with the Cairn Terrier Association of Ontario on May 12th, 13th, and 14th. It was held at our official Earthdog location - the Madingly Farm in Moffat, Ontario. A huge thank you to Jane and Barry Lee for letting us use their property to host the event. All entries had the opporunity to be judged by the knowledgable Jo-Ann Frier-Murza and Carly Martin. Also offered were an "Earthdog Training Day" with Jo-Ann Frier-Murza and a "Preparation and Handling of Your Earthdog" seminar, also with Jo-Ann Frier-Murza.

Below is a report on the weekend's events as well as the results.

A DVD of the weekend's events is available for $10 (includes all shipping costs). Also available are pictures from the event for $5 each. Please contact either the website administrator at or Beverly Kolb at